Real-time (on-air) systems for TV game shows (knowledge and contest games) & live broadcasts — Self-employed
2012 - present — Slovakia

  • On-air graphics systems developer
    Čo ja viem (What Do I Know?!), S pravdou von (To Tell the Truth), Lucky room, 5 proti 5 (Family Feud)

  • On-air graphics software and hardware operator
    Guess my age (Austria & Slovakia), Najväčší víťaz (The Biggest Loser), Koleso šťastia (Wheel of Fortune), V politike, Srdce pre deti, Slovensko s Tiposom, TV Šanca, Hra o NIKÉ, 5 proti 5 (Family Feud), Daj si čas, Páli vám to, Riskni Milión

  • On-air graphics assistant
    Rozum v hrsti (Golden Brain), OTO (Osobnosť televíznej obrazovky), Tanec snov, Hodina deťom, CE•ZA•AR, Slovenka roka, Cena je správna (The Price Is Right), Miss Universe, Miss Slovensko, Milujem Slovensko, Fenomén

Bluefaces — Services delivery as per specific project work order
short-term — Slovakia, Bratislava
Collaboration on projects such as Hardcore Henry or Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking


Master’s degree in Visual Effects
2016 - 2018 — Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava / The Film and Television Faculty / AVFX
Bratislava, Slovakia
Focused on Houdini, pipeline programming, R&D and Linux render farm administration
Thesis: Megascans to Houdini integration
Graduation project: Microdream

Bachelor’s degree in Visual Effects
2013 - 2016 — Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava / The Film and Television Faculty / AVFX
Bratislava, Slovakia
Focused on broad VFX and film knowledge
Graduation project: Cookie?

Informatics & mathematics oriented gymnasium
2005 - 2013 — Gymnasium Jur Hronec — Bratislava, Slovakia


Film festival awards for Cookie?
Children’s Choice Award — BAICFF - Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival — Oakland, California
Audience Award — Kids Video Connection Children’s Film Festival — Atlanta, Georgia


Article featured in film.sk magazine


Automated real-time solutions (Software & Hardware), I/O devices, Broadcast technology
Network communication, Interactive applications, Broadcast design creation
Voting systems (on-set / SMS)

Houdini, Nuke, HQueue, Mantra, Redshift, Adobe bundle
PDG, Photogrammetry


Python, VEX
Bash, GLSL

Finishing & color grading
DaVinci Resolve

Operating systems
Windows – real-time systems administration
Linux – render farm administration