New setup for award ceremonies

1 minute read

There are couple of award ceremonies in Slovakia that are broadcasted live each year and require custom nomination graphics. I have originally thought most of them will be cancelled this year due to the covid situation and therefore haven’t paid much attention to them. However this quickly changed when I was informed that one of the shows will eventually take place in just 7 days. This show also required more video inputs for nomination graphics which was a serious problem since old system delivering graphics for these shows was limited by maximum of 4 video inputs. Together with my colleague we decided to build a new system from scratch and make it much more flexible for future use. Programming new setup that should be rock solid and used for live broadcast in 7 days sounds kind of crazy… But we managed to pull it off and it worked like a charm!

Take a look at following videos for more information about some parts of the new system. Please also note that many modules (such as photo / video / audio playouts, video i/o setups, etc.) were already done for other new projects and therefore could be just copied for this live show. Recreating all modules from scratch would take much longer time period.

Apart from redesigning the software, we also decided to upgrade our mobile setup (aka micro OBV). Even though it was super comfortable, we were more than happy to get back to our office after spending three days in the car. :blush:

Some pictures of our mobile setup.