This short fairytale is my bachelor film about young boy who has no friends. He lives in a house far away from city and goes to school by bike every day. One day his classmates, the bullies, break his bike. The boy wishes for a new bike for Christmas but instead of getting a bike, his other unexpected wish does come true. He gets a friend but much different than you could ever imagine…


Children’s Choice Award BAICFF - Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival 11th year Oakland, California
Audience Award Kids Video Connection Children’s Film Festival 12th year Atlanta, Georgia
Official selection Little Big Shots International Film Festival For Kids 15th year Australia
Official selection Zinetxiki Zinemaldia 4th year Bilbao, Basque Country
Official seleciton Karelian International Film For Youth Festival 3rd year Petrozavodsk, Karelian Republic
Official selection Fabulosis Short Film Night 1st year London, England
Semi-Finalist Culture Of Life Film Festival 1st year Memphis, Tennessee
Official selection Áčko - Student film festival 21st year Bratislava, Slovakia
Screened in 11 cinemas in Slovakia Deň krátkeho filmu / The day of the short film   Slovakia


Cookie? was dubbed to Basque language by organizers of Zinetxiki Zinemaldia - Internacional Film Festival for Children and Youth as reading subtitles might be a struggle for many kids. It was also dubbed to Russian language by professional actors for the purposes of Karelian International Film For Youth Festival.

Thanks so much for making the journey.
I was happy to see that you won!
- Jim Capobianco

Film „Cookie?“ has been selected to screen in Little Big Shots – Australia’s International Film Festival for Kids. Little Big Shots will be running its 15. year and is Australia’s largest film festival for kids with audience of over 20,000 across the country. Festival lands in all major Australian capital cities.

Congratulations! Kids Video Connection’s review panel thinks your film Cookie? is ideal for our film festival. We all greatly appreciated the film’s creativity and beautiful audio and visuals, and we are excited to screen it for our audiences. While we would love to have you present at the festival here in Atlanta, if this is not a possibility I hope we can at least arrange an interview through video conferencing for the audience on the day of the screening.

Congratulations, we have decided to award you one of the “Audience Awards” from this year’s festival. Your prize is a 3-month subscription to, where you can pitch your project and have it seen by industry executives! I hope you are able to make the most of the opportunity.

This year the local television channel EITB is collaborating in our festival. They have proposed to us to make a special program to promote the Zinetxiki Zinemaldia festival by showing one of the selected films in the international competition. Your film “Cookie?” is one of the candidates to participate in this program.

Cookie at university site


English version

Slovak version

Making of

Making of videos show progress done on project during multiple semesters.

Trip to California

In February of 2019 I was invited to visit BAICFF. It was a great festival with many beautiful films and nice people. For the first time I was present in cinema while Cookie? had been screened to kids and was very happy to hear them laugh. I was even happier to find out they voted for it.
During the festival I had the opportunity to meet Jim Capobianco who is BAICFF Co-Producer & Curator and nominee of Academy Awards for Original Screenplay on Ratatouille. Jim also worked on movies such as Mary Poppins Returns, Coco, Finding Dory, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s Life, The Lion King… Besides he is unbelievably kind guy.

Jim was willing to give us a tour in Pixar and answer a lot of our questions. Halls in main Pixar building are something like an exhibition in a gallery – they are decorated by many sculptures, concept-arts and paintings created during production of their movies. Visiting Pixar and also San Francisco in general was an amazing experience. report

Thanks goes to Litfond and avfx for supporting this journey.


Timi Kotúľ, Juraj Hrčka, Bohdan Liptovský, Michal Kern, Michal Bednár, Andrea Trandžíková, Ivan Ďurkech
Original idea by, screenplay by, storyboard, edited by, directed by, VFX, grading
Peter Trandžík
Director of photography
Oliver Záhlava
Music composer
Marián Čurko
Ivan Ďurkech
Sound assistant
Ondřej Vančát
Executive producer
Andrea Rakovská
Set decoration and costumes
Eva Miškovičová, Peter Trandžík
Drawings and hand-drawn animation
Balász Horváth
FX artist
Juraj Tomori
VFX artist
Ondrej Poláček
Butterfly animation
Matej Babic
Róbert Hruška
Pedagogical guidance
Prof. Ľudovít Labík, ArtD., Mgr. Art. Marián Villaris, Ing. Marek Ježo, ArtD., Mgr. Art. Juraj Killián, ArtD., Ing. Ladisalv Dedík, ArtD., doc. Ing. Peter Neštepný, Ing. Mgr. Art. Andrea Vrábelová
Produced by