Non-uniform stone pattern generator

less than 1 minute read

Algorithm builds wall in a "natural way" by stacking stones of various sizes one onto another - filling both large and small gaps.

Visit this odforce post or github repo.

I want to share with you a small tool I have recently created using VEX. I wanted to create a wall made of non-uniform stones (with different widths and also heights). I have found really interesting solutions on odforce, but I thought I might push it a bit further. I figured out an algorithm that can produce such pattern. It can be customized to fit desired look. Besides it runs pretty fast compared to voronoi approach. :blush: Attached test renders were done using Techie’s amazing rock generator that can be found here.

Please mention me in case you use it. Download it for free and have fun with it!
Are you curious to see what could be done with this hda? Take a look at demo of my procedural stone bridge.