Procedural stone bridge

less than 1 minute read

While working on pre-production of my master’s project, I decided it would be nice to have there some sort of old-school stone bridge. It would perfectly fit into forest environment and also add another level of detail. However I didn’t want to do it by hand as it won’t be much fun. :blush: Also its dimensions would most probably have to change later on during production. Therefore procedural approach was a clear winner here. It also seemed like a really good opportunity to improve my Houdini skills.

First I had to come up with an algorithm capable of creating natural-looking stone pattern. I didn’t want these stones to have fixed width or height. Feel free to take a look at my non-uniform stone pattern generator that was created for this purpose. Once stone pattern was looking good, I was ready to build bridge hda on top of it. Take a look at video below to see how it works.